Ted Rogers Management Conference

“This year, we will be entering the 8th year of the Ted Rogers Management Conference. We decided to shift our focus back to the core of where it all started — Ted Rogers. As we move forward into a new era of TRSM and Ryerson, TRMC is a prominent supporter and leader in this movement. We are a conference focused on exploring innovation and challenging students to discover their true passions. We strive to be North America’s forum for innovative leaders of the future.

We are changing the game. We are making our mark.

2017 will mark the year where we achieved everything we’ve dreamed of.

There are some big surprises coming to TRMC and you don’t want to miss it. The best is truly yet to come.”

– Michelle Park, Chair 2017

Delegates Experience

Ryerson Business Forum

We will be hosting the 30th annual Ryerson Business Forum (RBF) at TRMC this year. The RBF will be the biggest event of the entire weekend due to the calibre of the panelists that we plan to bring in this year. We are planning to bring the most established speakers in the industry in one panel to showcase Ryerson, and most importantly TRSM. This is a chance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of TRSM and one of the most historical events that has happened at Ryerson for the past 30 years.

Innovative Case Competition

TRMC is ready to challenge its delegates this year by showcasing a new and innovative case competition structure. Teams will be tasked with realistic business decisions and pushed to the limits as they try to solve the question: What is the next emerging industry? Through each round – Pitch Competition, Team Presentation, Live Auction and more – delegates will face tough decisions that will have a direct impact on their team and possibly their competition.

Ted Rogers Memorial Gala

The black-tie affair is dedicated to honour the contribution and achievements of Ted Rogers. The eighth annual Ted Rogers Memorial Gala will be hosted at Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, one of Toronto’s premier venues. As you bite into your delicious meal, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Ontario.

More Benefits Delegates Get

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Transportation to all offsite events

Self Development Workshops

Entrance to social events

Exclusive TRMC’s Got Your Back Package

3 night stay in the luxurious Fairmont Royal York Hotel

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