TRMC 2019 Speakers

  • Derrick Fung CEO of Drop

  • Diana Brown Chief People Officer at Capital One

  • Garrick Tiplady Managing Director, Facebook and Instagram Canada

  • George Soleas CEO & President of LCBO

  • Humza Teherany Chief Technology Officer of MLSE

  • Jeffrey Orridge

  • Jim Reid Chief Human Resources Officer at Rogers

  • Justin Pang Head of Global Partnerships at Google

  • Meghan Chayka Co-founder of Stathletes

  • Melinda Rogers Deputy Chair, Rogers

  • Michelle Banik Chief People Officer at OMERS

  • Pattie Lovett-Reid Chief Financial Commentator, CTV

  • Rola Dagher President of Cisco

  • Sascha Darius CEO of Bunz

  • Steve Wozniak Co-founder of Apple

  • Terry Stuart Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte

Ryerson TRMC2019 Speakers