#TRMCAlumniNetwork: Daniel Quintal-Curcic – The TRMC Advantage

November 11, 2019    

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In an interview with Daniel Quintal-Curcic, a TRMC 2016-2017 Alumni, current TRMC members took the opportunity to discuss his conference experience in-depth and his advice for current students.

Daniel is currently a PhD Management student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at the Telfer School of Management.

What made you want to attend as a delegate and then come back the following year as an External Ambassador?

Through meeting people in the Bachelor of Commerce Program who have attended TRMC before. They highly recommended the conference to me and described it as a great opportunity to meet like-minded people! This convinced me to apply for a delegate position, and I was very grateful to be able to go. The experience I had as a delegate definitely pushed me to be involved with TRMC as an external representative. My TRMC experience is one of my top 3 university moments. The speaker panels, workshops, and the Multicultural Night were all so incredible. Everyone I met through the conference was welcoming and open-minded. Everyone is there to be a sponge and soak up all the opportunities and experiences to further develop themselves. I decided to join TRMC as an External Ambassador to take this opportunity back to the University of Guelph and to convince other individuals to apply.

How would you describe TRMC in three words?

Boundless – Honestly, TRMC offers an infinite amount of opportunities for delegates. I wholeheartedly believe that there are more opportunities that come out of the conference than intended- what a great problem to have! The fact that the conference is open to all academic backgrounds adds to the diverse and multidimensional perspectives that delegates get to experience. TRMC challenges individuals to step outside of their comfort zone in order to absorb all the countless experiences that the conference has to offer. I can assure anyone that once you go to TRMC, you will have a completely different outlook as a result of the infinite opportunities the conference offers.

Prosperous – We are all products of our environment. I am a firm believer that we need to surround ourselves with those who are going to contribute positively to our personal growth and development. Delegates have the privilege to cross paths with so many individuals that can aid in both their personal and professional development.

Legacy – TRMC is the top business conference in North America. I get goosebumps when I think back to my first TRMC, when in the first two minutes of the opening ceremony delegates were told to reach under our chairs and grab a can of Red Bull that was stuck to the bottom of the seat. At that moment, we all did a toast to the opening of the 2016 TRMC Conference. It’s specific moments like these that allow us to feel excited, passionate, and have this sense of energy that fuel us to go forward. This fuel is generated by the moments, emotions, and connections that TRMC provides to all, and that is what I call a legacy.

Why should a student apply to attend TRMC?

First and foremost, I would say why not? At the end of the day we’re all in post-secondary education with the goal of bettering ourselves. To some degree you can learn practical skills and theories in the classroom. However, I think that there are so many different skills that you have to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting. For example, when it comes to expanding your network, developing your personal brand, and challenging your own ideas. These are the types of practical takeaways from TRMC. I feel like I’ve gained more during my 4 days at TRMC then I have in my 5 years of undergrad!

Do you have any advice for current undergraduate students?

 I know that sometimes students prefer to stay in their comfort zones and avoid situations where they don’t know many people. You have to put yourself in new situations in order to have personal growth and development. You should get that experience from a community that fosters developing yourself and developing among others. There’s really nothing to lose!

You can check out Daniel Quintal-Curcic on Linkedin.


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