#TRMCAlumniNetwork: Noah Geist – Lifelong Leadership

November 25, 2019    

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In an interview with Noah Geist, a TRMC 2012-2014 Alumni, current TRMC members took the opportunity to discuss his conference experience, the spirit of Ted Rogers, and his advice for current students.

Noah is currently the President at Blackdoor Development Company.

What are your favourite events from the conference?

The Multicultural Nights are usually where I have the most fun at the Conference. Those nights were always such a good time with everyone dressed up in their cultural outfits. It was an opportunity to be yourself, be proud of your heritage, and showcase your culture to the students at the conference. That energy transcended the whole evening. Another event, which was the most engaging for me, was the Ryerson Business Forum (RBF). The quality of the discussion on the RBF panel is great and is always successful. RBF was actually the foundation of TRMC as it predates the conference!

What does the spirit of Ted Rogers mean to you?

The first two things that come to mind are leadership and innovation. That was a prominent theme throughout my experience. It didn’t matter what your major or program of study was. There were always strong components of innovation, creative thinking, and leadership throughout the entire school.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to current students?

Don’t focus too much on where you see yourself in the future. A lot of people put too much weight behind reaching one specific professional or entrepreneurial destination. In light of that, the biggest piece of advice is: work hard, do your best, and constantly deliver no matter what. If people can rely on you to deliver your best work, you will begin to create new opportunities for yourself. In my experience, this has opened doors for me with opportunities I had never even considered before. Students put so much pressure on themselves to figure out what courses they are taking, their major, and where they wanted to work after university. They should focus much more on the opportunities that are available to them right now. I hope that students will work hard, be creative, and trust in the process.

Why should students apply to TRMC this year?

It is all around a really good experience. From an educational perspective, you gain exposure to Canada’s business leaders, insights through the various events held, and networking opportunities with students from around the world! The education and networking are two of the biggest reasons to apply.

You can check out Noah Geist on LinkedIn.

Ryerson TRMC#TRMCAlumniNetwork: Noah Geist – Lifelong Leadership
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