#TRMCAlumniNetwork: Nav Marwah – Differentiate from the Norm

November 27, 2019    

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Members from the TRMC 2020 team interviewed Nav Marwah, a TRMC 2015-2018 Alumni, to discuss why he joined TRMC, the conference in three words, and why students should apply to TRMC 2020!

Nav is currently a Retention Analyst at Rogers Communications.

What was the initial step that made you apply to be a part of TRMC?

When I heard stories about people’s experiences with TRMC, I thought to myself “wow I want to be a part of this”! I wanted to be a part of one of the largest student-run business conference in North America! TRMC is definitely unique in regard to the caliber of the people attending, the industry professionals that are brought in, and the overall diversity. My experience as a marketing associate helped me see how the TRMC team was like a big family. Everyone works together to accomplish a goal, which was a motivating factor to stay on the team and be involved with TRMC for four years!

If you could describe TRMC in three words what would those three words be?

The first word would be transformative. TRMC is transformative in many ways because through personal, social, and professional development, you learn to be the best version of yourself. The second would be disruptive because TRMC challenges the status quo. Year-over-year the conference continues to take it to the next level. The last one would be innovative because of the entrepreneurial drive of Ted Rogers that lives within the conference. TRMC helped connect me with student leaders from all over the country. The conference allowed me to build priceless connections.

What skills were you able to apply to your professional career that you gained through TRMC?

TRMC taught me to push my boundaries, work as a team, and be resilient. Remembering these lessons help me on an everyday basis. There are also many opportunities to develop the necessary professional skills like communication, interpersonal, and effective networking that goes beyond. The skills I gained through TRMC have helped me get to where I am today while also helping me build so many life-long connections.

Why should a student apply to TRMC this year?

It’s the greatest conference of all time! TRMC brings like-minded individuals from all over the world together to connect, become friends, and learn in new environments. This experience is so special and it could not have happened without the conference. It’s a phenomenal experience that allows for professional, social, and personal growth. Every delegate that I’ve spoken to tells me they had an incredible experience and can’t wait to go back! I would want current students to take every opportunity they get and make the most of it. It is opportunities like TRMC that allow you to differentiate yourself from thousands of other students!

You can check Nav Marwah out on LinkedIn!

Ryerson TRMC#TRMCAlumniNetwork: Nav Marwah – Differentiate from the Norm
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