#TRMCares: 10 Ways to Practice Self Care

August 5, 2020    

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Self-care has many different meanings, and the form of self-care that works best may be different for everyone. Here TRMC brings you 10 different ways you can incorporate self-care into your daily life. 


Fresh air can work wonders to clear your mind, and there are plenty of great ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather August brings. Like to stay home? No problem! Go make yourself a yummy drink (coffee, tea, fruit water – whatever makes you happiest) and enjoy it on the balcony/porch, or in the backyard. 

If you feel up for it, there are plenty of spots to explore that are within an hour or two of the GTA. Try out a new beach, go chase a waterfall, check out a park you haven’t been to, or check out a local hiking trail – just remember to bring bug spray!  

Spending time outdoors is also a great way to safely get together with friends and extended family while social distancing.


There’s a good reason you hear this one at almost every mention of self-care. Yoga and meditation are said to have a symbiotic relationship. Yoga can be especially helpful for anyone having a hard time getting used to the idea of sitting still during meditation. Fitting in even a short 15-minute yoga routine into your morning can kill two birds with one stone by paying some attention to both your mental and physical health. 

If you’re a beginner and looking for something simple to start with, Yoga with Adriene is a fantastic YouTube channel offering tutorials for routines ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, targeting every goal imaginable. There are even routines as short as 5 minutes long. So, if Yoga is something you’ve wanted to try out for a while now but have been struggling to find the time for, look no further.


There’s nothing better than preparing your favourite meal exactly the way you like it and enjoying it in the comfort of your own home. If cooking isn’t up your ally, try following along with a simple YouTube tutorial for the comfort food of your choice. There are plenty of easy Mac n Cheese recipes out there that are waiting to be made! 

The same goes for baking – you can never go wrong with a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Make a whole evening out of it by blasting your favourite Spotify playlist from number 5!


Even while following social distancing measures, there are plenty of ways to get together with friends safely. There’s no reason you can’t catch up with your friends in a park with some snacks. Just remember to BYOB – bring your own blanket! 

Bringing your own food to a picnic is also great for anyone wishing to take extra precautions by avoiding eating from outside restaurants. Cut up fruits and veggies, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, wraps, pasta salads and pita chips with dip are all great options to pack in your bag. 

Check out this article on BlogTO for a list of Toronto’s best picnic spots.


You can come very close to recreating the feeling of euphoria you get when they play an old favourite song of yours on the radio. Take some time to think of all of the happy, feel good songs you’ve ever loved and put them all in one feel-good playlist. Just going through your library and finding all the old favourites that you forgot existed is extremely therapeutic. This way you’ll always have something to go back to on days where you need a bit of a pick-me-up.


There are many different ways you can go about this. For some, it may feel good to write about whatever worries they may be carrying around with them. For others, it may be helpful to follow a certain structure or answer a specific question each time they journal. 

A few different starter prompts to help you get going: 

  • One good thing that happened today was…
  • 3 things I’m grateful for today are…
  • 3 things I’m looking forward to are…
  • Today I felt…
  • What do I know to be true that I didn’t a year ago?
  • What would you tell your 10-years-ago-self?
  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
  • I am proud of myself for… 

Remember, that there is no right or wrong way to journal. It’s about helping to shift the never-ending flow of thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It forces us to clarify our minds with words – even if at first, they’re a bunch of jumbled words scribbled onto a page. It may take a few tries to find what works for you, but the end-result on the way it makes you feel will always be worth it.  


You don’t need to be great at painting or drawing to make art. It can be so therapeutic to just play around with some paint and see what comes out of it – with no specific goal in mind.

As an alternative, you can try to follow along with a painting video on YouTube (check out Bob Ross’s tutorials – he’s super calming and supportive!) or even download a colour by numbers worksheet. Whichever way you decide to go about it, the most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. The primary goal here is to unwind and relax!


It’s amazing how much of an affect animals can have on our mental well-being. Spending some quality time with your pets is a great way to switch your mind off for a little while and relieve any anxiety. 

If you don’t have any pets, you can always see if any of your neighbours need help with walking their dogs – many pet owners would appreciate the help.



Taking a little extra time on your skincare routine can make such a difference on how you feel both inside and out. Adding the extra 10-15 minutes in to do a facemask, or even just taking your time to really enjoy your regular skincare routine is a great way to take time in the day to unwind and catch your breath. 

Also keep in mind that skincare is not limited to the products you use on your face! Drinking water, eating well, getting enough sleep and fresh air are not only part of your regular self-care routine, but are also part of your skincare routine! Keeping track of these things in a small journal or your notes can be helpful to staying on top of a well-rounded self-care routine.


With the back-to-school season slowly coming around the corner, some of us may be feeling some anxiety surrounding the idea of adapting to online learning. 

Reorganizing and decluttering anything that may otherwise hinder your productivity this fall will help you feel more prepared and ready to take on a new learning style. Given the circumstances, organizing the files on your computer is a great place to start. It’s also extremely important to make sure everything is backed up to a cloud or external hard drive. Sometimes, decluttering your surroundings can indirectly declutter your mind at the same time. 

Lastly, make sure to visit us on TikTok to see how some of us on TRMC practice Self Care!

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