#BacktoSchoolwithTRMC: 8 Movies to Help Motivate You This Semester

September 10, 2020    

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Now that the school year has officially begun and the first Friday night movie night of the semester is here, we’ve compiled a list of movies 8 inspiring movies that will be sure to motivate you to work harder than ever this semester.

1. Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting is a janitor working at MIT – however, when he starts solving difficult graduate-level math problems, his talent is discovered by a Professor at the University who begins to help the misguided youth realize his potential.

When Will is arrested for attacking a police officer, the Professor makes a deal to get leniency for him under the condition that he receives treatment from a therapist played by Robin Williams.

The movie reminds us that it’s never too late to turn things around and realize your true potential.

2. The Theory of Everything

A biographical film based on the life of Stephen Hawking that takes us through the story of how a bright astrophysics student learns he has a motor neuron disease with 2 years left to live.

Despite all odds, Hawking continues to make new discoveries breaking ground in the fields of medicine and science, showing us that with an open mind, anything is possible.

3. The Social Network

A jam-packed movie that tells the story of how Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg turned an idea into the multi-billion-dollar company we know today.

Many lessons can be learned from the ups and downs shown to us throughout the movie – which are particularly useful for any aspiring entrepreneurs. Zuckerberg identifies an area of need – a site for college students to connect online – and acts upon it not necessarily with the goal of making money, but simply to create something he felt passionate about. From that point on we are taken along on the turbulent journey of Facebook’s growth, while being reminded that while you will never be able to please everyone, it’s important to stay loyal to those who have been your support system from day one.

4. Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

This 4-part Netflix series tells the inspiring story of African American entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker – who built a haircare empire, making her America’s first female self-made millionaire.

This movie reminds us that success takes time, and that we shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come to us, rather, create opportunities for ourselves using passion and creativity.

5. Dead Poets Society

A strict all-boys preparatory school hires a replacement English teacher with quite the radical teaching style. Unlike the rest of the classes the boys take at the school, Mr. Keating encourages them to find their own voices and think critically – even having them stand on top of his desk at one point to demonstrate the importance of viewing things from a different perspective.

The movie is packed with life lessons – reminding us to seize the day, create a life worth living, never to be afraid to think outside the box, and most importantly, to never let anyone make you feel like your thoughts and ideas aren’t important.

6. Coach Carter

A high-school basketball team in Richmond, California is assigned a new coach – Ken Carter. In the beginning, the team is rowdy, rude and disrespectful towards their new coach, so Carter takes on a strict, disciplinary approach towards getting the team in line. Despite receiving much backlash from parents and school principal, Carter gives the team contracts to sign that require they sit in the front row of all their classes and maintain a C+ average.

The team’s confidence grows with each game won under his strict regimen, as their grades slowly start to slip. The team, school and community are outraged when Carter locks the school gym, forcing the boys to improve their academic performance. The boys eventually learn to value their education and Carter finds that he has created a profound impact on the boys, reminding us to believe in ourselves and to never doubt our ability to reach our full potential.

7. Monsters University

A heartfelt family favourite that inspires us to believe in ourselves and never give up on our dreams. In addition to the determined spirit of Mike Wazowski, the movie reminds us of the true value of teamwork, originality, and persistence.

Perhaps the movie’s most important lesson is that there is always more than one path to get to your destination. So, next time you’re facing challenges, don’t let one single mistake discourage you from achieving your goals.

8. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

This 3-part Netflix documentary gives the audience an in-depth, unfiltered look into Bill Gates’ life story.

From co-founding Microsoft to working on finding solutions to climate change and disease eradication, the documentary emphasizes how Bill constantly sought to write his own definition of success and encourages us to do the same.

Let us know what is motivating you this semester in the comments below!

Ryerson TRMC#BacktoSchoolwithTRMC: 8 Movies to Help Motivate You This Semester
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  • Vittoria Pileggi - September 10, 2020 reply

    My watch list just got a lot longer!

  • Shirley Macalalad - September 11, 2020 reply

    The theory of everything is one of my favourite movies, it really puts things into perspective!

  • Natasha Yankov - September 11, 2020 reply

    Adding the Self-Made documentary to my watch list now!

  • Erica Park - September 11, 2020 reply

    Definitely going to watch Monsters University and Good Will Hunting this weekend!

  • Sashmi Pagoda - September 11, 2020 reply

    These are amazing movie recommendations! The Theory of Everything is one of my favourites.

  • Simon Carrabau - September 11, 2020 reply

    Great choices! I’ll be rewatching all of these this semester!

  • Norah Kim - September 11, 2020 reply

    A list of classics!! Good Will Hunting will always and forever will be my favourite.

  • Anna Stepanenko - September 11, 2020 reply

    Did someone say it’s movie time?

  • Rishi Darubra - September 11, 2020 reply

    My inner cinephile is super excited

  • Kruti Dave - September 11, 2020 reply

    Monsters Uni is by far one of the most elite moviesssss – hands down one of my faves!

  • Chumki - September 11, 2020 reply

    I choose…all of the above 🙂

  • Mili - September 11, 2020 reply

    The Theory of Everything is my favorite!

  • Cassandra - September 11, 2020 reply

    omg! Monster’s University is the best!

  • Dalena Tran - September 11, 2020 reply

    I’ve heard amazing things about The Theory of Everything! Definitely on my list now!

  • shayla - September 11, 2020 reply

    I always love a good list of movie recommendations! I have only seen “Goodwill Hunting” and “Monsters University” on this list, so I can’t wait to binge the rest! Goodwill Hunting is an awesome movie though, highly recommend.

  • Sara - September 11, 2020 reply

    This is a sign that I need to rewatch Monster’s University soon

  • Mariam Varghis - September 11, 2020 reply

    All my favourites!! I’m going to rewatch Monsters University, Good Will Hunting, and the Social Network this weekend 🙂

  • Anna Medvedeva - September 11, 2020 reply

    Always wanted to watch Goodwill Hunting, thank you for the reminder!

  • Iza - September 11, 2020 reply

    Good Will Hunting made me cry! Highly recommend this movie

  • Margi - September 11, 2020 reply

    Omg I can’t wait to watch The Theory of Everything!! Thank you for the amazing recommendations!

  • Esteban Garcia-Sanhueza - September 11, 2020 reply

    Some of my favorite movies are on this list. Highly recommend

  • Laiqa Lalani - September 12, 2020 reply

    Yeah thanks, adding all of these to my list!

  • Jasmin - September 12, 2020 reply

    Can’t wait to binge these on the weekend!!!

  • Samar Jeddi - September 12, 2020 reply

    I love this list! Some movie recommendations I haven’t even heard of- can’t wait to watch them over the semester!!

  • Ankita Roy - September 12, 2020 reply

    Time to watch Monsters University again!

  • Kevin Balkaran - September 12, 2020 reply

    Coach Carter is an All-Time Classic!

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