#CareerDevelopment: How TRMC Could Take YOUR University Experience to the Next Level

November 10, 2020    

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Our team connected with some students who have attended TRMC in the past, and learned more about what brought them to TRMC and the impact it had on their lives. Read on to find out how TRMC2021 could help you re-imagine your future!

Tony Quach, VP Marketing Canadian Association of Business Students

“TRMC was by far my favourite experience while in university. No other conference allows you to meet such a diverse group of students, while attending sessions from companies you dream to work for.”

We take pride in the diversity of our delegate body – with students from not only all around Canada, but from all over the world, there is no better way to meet other aspiring leaders that come from more backgrounds than you can imagine. 

Cathy To-Lam, VP Events Ted Rogers Students’ Society

“I learned so many new skills and gained a lot of advice from the amazing workshops and speakers. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing speakers online from the comfort of my own home.”

Key words: “from the comfort of your own home”! This year, you’ll be able to attend TRMC from anywhere in the world. With it being easier to attend than ever before, there’s no excuse not to apply to TRMC2021. 

Dorsa Estehardian, Ryerson Alumni & Dual JD Candidate at University of Windsor (Pictured Centre)

“The case competition was a really valuable experience as it gave me the opportunity to develop my public speaking and presentation skills and allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

TRMC’s annual case competition provides an amazing opportunity for delegates to work on their presentation skills and build their confidence in a fun and supportive environment! With previous case sponsors like Canadian Tire,  it’s always a thrilling and thought-provoking experience, and this year will be no different! At TRMC2021, you’ll have the unique opportunity of building your presentation skills in a virtual environment (we can all agree that speaking in a Zoom call is very different from doing the same in person). Stay tuned to find out who this year’s case sponsor will be! 

Marco Lau, Ryerson Student Mentor

“The event was full of learning opportunities and moments that became a touch point for me when I look back into my university journey.”

You won’t fully understand exactly how much of a learning and growing opportunity it’ll be until you attend TRMC and see for yourself! From inspiring and knowledgeable speakers to student leaders from around the world, you’ll be surrounded by inspiring individuals, and experiencing the conference together will be a life-changing and  unforgettable experience. 

Ankita Roy, Co-Chair, TRMC 2021; VP Events, TRMC 2020; Ambassador, TRMC 2019

“When the recap video of the conference finally played on stage and all the cheering and applause ensued from the audience; I saw the experience from a delegate’s perspective for the first time and it was the most rewarding and life changing moment of my University career.”

Ankita has had the unique experience of seeing TRMC through many different lenses, each one being an amazing experience. Being part of the planning process, she’s been able to have an inside view of all of the hard work and dedication that goes into making the conference happen. The efforts always pay off, when the team gets to see just how much of an impact TRMC makes in our delegates lives. 

Nader Nassereddine, At-Large Director, Ted Rogers Students’ Society (Pictured Left)

“My favourite memory has to be seeing all the many future leaders that attend this conference annually, but also, it’s learning from industry professionals and understanding a better perspective of what business looks like in the future.”

Again, there’s no better place than TRMC to meet so many like-minded student leaders, and being in an environment full of knowledgeable industry professionals allows  delegates to get an inside look at what the future of the business world may look like. There’s really something about being surrounded by the brightest and most driven students from around the world that makes you never want to stop working towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

Brad Wells, President, Ted Rogers Students’ Society

“The experiences and opportunities that delegates receive at TRMC are so unique and the lessons they teach cannot be replicated in a classroom. I have been able to take these lessons and experiences and what I learned these last two years and apply these skills to real life business scenarios.”

It’s true – you may have heard before that in order to truly get the most out of your degree and University experience, getting involved is a must. While we really are lucky to have such wonderful faculty at Ryerson, the best way to bring that knowledge with you into your career is to learn lessons outside of the classroom to go with it. Interpersonal, presentation and critical thinking skills are things that will help you get the most value out of the lessons you learn within the classroom during your undergraduate career. 

Philippe Labrecque, “Best Delegate” Recipient at TRMC2020

“My favorite memory is getting to meet so many different students with such vast backgrounds, all wanting to take the most out of this competition. I definitely still talk to some students I met at TRMC, and will keep the memories I made from the weekend forever.”

In addition to all the valuable skills it has helped students to develop, TRMC has created many lasting friendships among students from all over the world. No other conference will allow you to meet such motivated, like-minded students, and be encouraged to get to know one another and foster connections that will last a lifetime. 

After reading about all of the incredible ways TRMC impacted these student leaders, there should be no way you can pass up on the unique opportunity to attend our first ever virtual conference from the comfort of your own home. 

Ryerson TRMC#CareerDevelopment: How TRMC Could Take YOUR University Experience to the Next Level
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    Wow it is amazing to see the impact that TRMC has had on people’s lives. This is why I love being a part of this organization.

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    We love see the impact TRMC has on others!

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    Love these stories! Great to see how TRMC has positively impacted so many people!

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    Amazing individuals!

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    Seeing the appreciation from others makes our hard work so worthwhile!

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