A Bit About Ted

Edward Samuel Rogers, businessman, founder and CEO of Rogers Communications, was a pioneer in the communications industry and the son of Edward Samuel Rogers Sr, the inventor and broadcasting pioneer who founded CFRB (Canada’s First Rogers Batteryless) radio station in 1927.

Ted Rogers and his wife Loretta Rogers donated tens of millions of dollars to such charities as the Toronto General Hospital, the Toronto Western Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Woodstock General Hospital, Sheena’s Place and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Their gifts to Ryerson University have allowed the school to build the Rogers Communication Centre and launch the Edward S. Rogers Sr Graduate School for Advanced Communications in the Faculty of Communication & Design.

In 2007, the Rogers donated $15 million to Ryerson University’s Faculty of Business, which was renamed the Ted Rogers School of Management. The majority of the gift was slated to establish 52 new undergraduate and graduate student awards and scholarships.

20102010 was the inaugural year for the Ted Rogers Memorial Conference (TRMC) hosted by Ryerson University, the Ted Rogers School of Management, and the Ryerson Commerce Society. It took place to honour Ted Rogers, inviting Canadian university students to learn more about the values and skills Ted Rogers possessed. The theme of the conference revolved around the acronym “TED: Take risks. Embrace innovation. Defy the status quo”.

2011The second annual Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC) was held on March 10th to 12th, 2011. TRMC 2011 allowed over 150 students, faculty, industry professionals, and media from across Canada to explore the business style and work ethic that the late Ted Rogers portrayed. The theme of the year was “Dare to…”

2012The theme of TRMC 2012 was “What’s your I.D.?” What’s the Inner Drive that motivates you to be successful and strive to be the best? TRMC 2012 focused on leadership, creativity and strategy, which allowed delegates to enhance understanding on how business can be better driven by motivation and innovation. Business powered by motivation, geared by innovation. What’s your I.D.?

2013The difference a decade can make. Imagine a world without iPods, Facebook or smartphones. This is the world that existed 10 years ago. These creations are so ingrained in our everyday lives that we often lose grasp of the gravity of impact these recent innovations have on the world around us. Living within the realities of today educating, training and acquiring our skills necessary to succeed in the world of tomorrow seems to be increasingly more challenging. In a time of unprecedented, rapid innovation and growth, how do we equip ourselves with the tools necessary to succeed in the world that will exist a decade from now?

2014Legacy encompasses that which we’ve accomplished, which will remain eternal. What defines our legacy is the appreciation and recognition of these choices and how they continue to affect the world us. How do we, as future business leaders, utilize our talents in business, innovation and entrepreneurship to create positive social change? What is the LEGACY that business leaders have left in their respective industries?

2015CR3ATE is a call to action; it is a shift in the way of thinking for young business leaders. TRMC 2015 was designed for the game changers out there who are not afraid to pursue their ideas, who do not let policy affect performance, and who, above all, do not stop.

2016Launch plays off of the theme of TRMC 15 which was CR3ATE. Launch aims to not only build on what was cr3ated last year but also launch some new avenues for the conference. Launch was designed to help delegates realize what their aspirations are, whilst simultaneously helping those who are already aware in “launching” their brand. LAUNCH is the next step in the process started by CR3ATE; it is the definitive moment where the game changers will consolidate their impact on the world around them.

2017We decided to shift our focus back to the core of where it all started — Ted Rogers. As we move forward into a new era of TRSM and Ryerson, TRMC is a prominent supporter and leader in this movement. We are a conference focused on exploring innovation and challenging students to discover their true passions.

2019This year marked us “Entering a New Decade” as we celebrated the 10th year of our conference, thought leaders from across the business landscape helped us explore and understand The Future of Business.

2020The second decade of the Ted Rogers Management Conference started off with a bang in its 11th year. This year’s theme was about finding your catalyst moment and how it has shaped your journey.

2021The 12th annual Ted Rogers Management Conference was a year like no other. This year’s theme reflected on being resilient when faced with adversity. We encourage our delegates to challenge norms and build a new world. Through creativity, innovation, and ambition, students must reimagine their future. TRMC has reimagined our conference to adapt to a virtual world for the first time. This year has been historic and has proven that the best is yet to come.

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