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Sohail Sabar

Sohail is a 3rd year Business Management student specializing in Economics with a Minor in ITM. Sohail has been involved with TRMC his entire university career thus far as a delegate in his first year and a Marketing Associate in 2016, prior to re-joining the TRMC team as an executive member this season. Sohail is excited to kick off TRMC’s inaugural Shark Tank-style Startup Summit competition this year to provide student entrepreneurs with a platform to showcase their early-stage startups. As an ex-officio for DECA Ryerson, Sohail’s passion for case competitions and innovation sees him working towards entering a career in technology consulting after graduating in 2018.

Ryerson TRMCSohail Sabar

Manpreet Deol

Manpreet is a 4th year Law and Business student in the Business Management program. She comes from a background in the arts and wishes to continue living her life on stages around the world devoting her passion for acting, dancing, and public-speaking. This year as the VP Marketing for TRMC 17, she is excited to continue delivering some record-breaking campaigns and creating a memorable experience for students as they continue to make their mark.

Ryerson TRMCManpreet Deol

Reuben Dela Vega

Reuben is a 4th year Global Management major with a minor in Finance. Always on the move and active, he has been a part of BUS100 as a Facilitator since 2nd year. He also held the VP Corporate Relations role in the Ted Rogers Student Society last year. Reuben is eager to bring his previous external affairs experience to the Speaker Coordinator role to help curate the best speaker line up for TRMC17.

Ryerson TRMCReuben Dela Vega

Joshua Duong

Majoring in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Joshua is driven by the competitive nature of both industries. With a passion in all things Case Competitions related, Josh is ready to provide a fresh and completely new take on the Case Competition at this year’s TRMC as Case Coordinator. When he is not competing in case competitions himself or hosting workshops on them, he enjoys his downtime by playing hockey and volleyball, finds leisure in cooking and stays young at heart. He is currently working on starting his own business in the food industry and one day hopes to retire in Hawaii.

Ryerson TRMCJoshua Duong

Anthony Esguerra

Anthony is a 4th year Marketing major with a minor in law in the Business Management program. Ambitious and always seeking more out of the university experience, he has led succesful terms with two course unions in the corporate relations portfolios, launched an organization rebrand, and enters a new challenge as a Speaker Coordinator for TRMC 17. When he isn’t in class, meetings or networking events, he can be found doing landscape photography, exploring Toronto on his road bike, or co-piloting private planes. He is looking forward to a career in brand management in the telecommunications or sports industry.

Ryerson TRMCAnthony Esguerra